Barbarians !

  A name, which makes the skin prick and the heart -stop because of fear. Unruly, wild strong and majestic they passed through history so as to remain there for ever.
  Men, who don not know what is fear and retreat. Wild, cruel, charming. Competing with Gods in strength and courage.
   Women - beautiful, cunning and dangerous, fighting side by side with their men. A tribe rent between the dark and demonic forces of the nonentity, nobility, and fiery passions of nature.

 Inn "Barbarians"

   A home, a shelter, a temporary stop for incredible people, where they curb their unrestrained for a while and they turn into jolly Bohemians, attentive owners, peace-loving neighbors.
   A place, where the hoofs of horses flash, the riders fly and the swords hiss only to show they capturing mastery in front of the enraptured and conquered ladies' eyes and hearts.
   Here after fearful feats and dangerous adventures they will calm down, relax and indulge in wild gaiety. The glowing embers will be kindled into flame, skewers will be turning around and all will taste of the unique kitchen of Inn "Barbarians". Wine will be running , there will be toasts and all will indulge in wild dances and fun.

Inn "Barbarians" disposes of:

  • 300 places
  • Live music
  • Entertainment program


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